Centrica makes solar power debut

Centrica’s inaugural solar farm in Wiltshire has a capacity of 18MW, enough to power approximately 4,850 homes

Centrica has launched its first solar farm in Codford, Wiltshire.

The solar farm has a total capacity of 18MW – construction of the solar farm began in April 2022 and it consists of 33,000 solar panels.

The facility is expected to generate approximately 19GWh of green electricity annually, which is enough to power around 4,850 homes.

Vodafone has entered into a long-term power purchase agreement with Centrica to purchase 50% of the electricity output from the solar farm over a period of ten years.

Centrica aims to deliver 900MW of low carbon assets by 2026.

Chair of the Net Zero Review and Mission Zero Report Chris Skidmore said, “As the former Energy Minister who signed the UK’s net zero commitment into law, I have always recognised the need for more renewable power as we seek to create a net zero power grid by 2035.

“Our journey to net zero has already started and by opening this plant we are taking an important step forward towards unlocking the opportunities it will bring.”

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