UK grid to call on factories and businesses to power down

National Grid ESO is considering an expansion of its demand flexibility service, compelling factories and businesses to voluntarily cut back on electricity consumption during peak hours

The National Grid is contemplating an expansion of its demand flexibility service (DFS) to include heavy industry, in a bid to prevent potential blackouts by urging factories and businesses to voluntarily reduce their electricity usage during peak times.

Under the demand flexibility service, businesses would be requested to scale back their consumption when the energy supply is anticipated to be strained, helping to alleviate pressure on the system and maintain a stable power supply.

Jake Rigg, Director of Corporate Affairs at National Grid Electricity System Operator, told the Telegraph: “We are particularly keen to engage industrial and commercial users of energy.

“The DFS was principally – not exclusively, but principally – used by households last winter.

“And whilst we still very much want that to continue, we’re really pushing to get industrial and commercial users.”

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