Fresh call for social tariff: “High energy prices are here to stay”

Campaigners are expressing concerns that the government has abandoned plans to implement a social energy tariff in the coming months

Fuel poverty campaigners are expressing frustration over the lack of progress in introducing a social tariff that could assist households facing financial challenges with their energy bills.

The government’s decision to block the publication of a consultation on the subject has raised doubts about the implementation of the proposed tariff.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt had promised to consider a social tariff for energy bills as part of an effort to support vulnerable people and address issues of fuel poverty.

However, the absence of concrete steps towards this goal has left campaigners questioning the government’s commitment to fulfilling its promises.

Matt Copeland, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at National Energy Action told Energy Live News: “With no consultation on new consumer protections for vulnerable energy users post April 2024, millions of households are now at significant peril of unaffordable energy bills in the long term.

“High energy prices are here to stay and without structural changes to the energy market to make energy more affordable for the most vulnerable, each winter will feel lack the one just gone.

“This would lead to unimaginable outcomes for the 6.6 million households who are fuel poor across the UK. We urgently need the UK Government to implement a social tariff for the most vulnerable – it is vital to help those who cannot stay warm, safe and healthy at home.”

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