Government ‘achieves three out of ten on energy security commitments’

The assessment by a think tank emphasised ten areas for action outlined in the Government’s 2022 strategy, covering aspects, including energy efficiency, grid operations, offshore wind and nuclear power

Electricity standing charges soar

The End Fuel Poverty Coalition claims that energy companies have made billions in profits since the start of the energy crisis

UK energy production hits record low – biggest drop since 1948

The UK energy production plummeted by 9% in 2023, marking the lowest level since records began in 1948

Heat pump grant applications increase by 75%

The government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme has seen an increase in demand for heat pumps, with applications soaring by 75% in February compared to the previous year

Ofgem greenlights £3.4bn for Scotland-Yorkshire electricity superhighway

A proposed 500 kilometre electricity superhighway between Scotland and Yorkshire has received provisional £3.4 billion funding, aiming to power up to two million homes

E.ON launches free home energy upgrades for 1,000 Midlands homeowners

The energy company has invited 1,000 Midlands homeowners to join the ‘Homes for Net Zero’ project, offering free energy upgrades and research opportunities

Almost four million faulty smart meters in Britain

There are currently 3.98 million non-operational smart meters functioning in smart mode, according to government data

Ofgem flags concerns over Sizewell C costs

The energy regulator has highlighted concerns in a letter to the Energy Secretary regarding potential modifications to the Sizewell C project, emphasising the need for certainty in project costs

Ofgem: £74m underspent in Warm Home Discount scheme

Obligated suppliers disbursed over £443.8 million, primarily in the form of £150 rebates and through industry initiatives, with £395.2 million allocated for England and Wales and £48.5 million for Scotland, according to a report

UK business energy support scheme nears end

The Energy Bill Discount Scheme, implemented to aid businesses during the energy crisis, is slated to terminate on 31st March