Rishi Sunak backs Wales to lead UK energy switch

The Prime Minister has said long-term solutions cannot rely on quick fixes and has highlighted the need for more domestic energy production

New ‘greenprint’ launched to slash emissions in UK public buildings

A government-backed plan has been published to make decarbonisation simpler across public sites like hospitals, schools and leisure centres

Government drops £469k on ads for prepayment energy bill support

The Energy Department has expanded its outreach through multiple channels, including community radio, social media and national magazines

How will “Green Day” rock the UK’s energy sector?

The government is set to unveil additional measures next week aimed at bolstering energy security and fulfilling its net zero emissions pledge

Ofgem ‘launches investigation into care provider energy cost hike of up to 500%’

This follows concerns over deemed contract rates, security deposits, standing charges and non-compliance with the Energy Bill Relief Scheme

UK pressured to okay hydrogen blending in household gas network

The UK’s Hydrogen Champion has called for greater clarity on hydrogen investment opportunities

Nearly 99% of all residential meters still under big energy suppliers’ control

Installation of smart and advanced meters across the UK decreased by 4% in 2022, government data shows

Good Energy launches tariff offering solar-powered homes leading rate

The energy company is offering a new smart export tariff for households with solar panels, paying a rate of 10p per kWh for shared energy

MP calls out Energy Department for “keeping screens on after hours”

The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero has defended all-night screens and lighting – it said it’s for safety reasons

UK pledges £1.8bn for energy efficiency revolution

A £1.4 billion funding package will be allocated to local authorities, social housing providers and charities