UK-Netherlands gas link faces inspection

The Balgzand-Bacton Pipeline, connecting the UK and the Netherlands for gas supply, is undergoing an essential inspection following maintenance

The Balgzand-Bacton Pipeline (BBL), which connects the UK and the Netherlands for gas supply, is getting a thorough check-up after recent maintenance work.

BBL Company (BBLC), responsible for the pipeline, has planned a cleaning and inspection process.

The forthcoming inspection, set to commence on 11th September and conclude on 25th September, is an essential part of the pipeline’s ongoing maintenance strategy.

While the inspection happens, the pipeline will work in reverse flow mode (sending gas from the UK to the Netherlands).

During the inspection, the pipeline can’t send gas from the Netherlands to the UK.

Throughout the inspection programme, the BBL pipeline’s physical Reverse Flow capacity will be optimised to reach a maximum of 7.0GWh/h, BBLC has said.

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