UK eases grid backlog

Ofgem has approved the Transmission Entry Capacity Amnesty led by National Grid ESO, move that could release up to 8GW of projects from the queue

UK renewables

The UK is speeding up the adoption of renewable energy by addressing the backlog of projects waiting to connect to the grid.

Ofgem has today authorised National Grid ESO to offer amnesty to 50 projects, thus opening space in the queue for operational projects.

This decision is expected to make way for approximately 8GW of projects, enabling the smoother execution of ready-to-go schemes.

Through the Transmission Entry Capacity (TEC) Amnesty, the UK seeks to accelerate the implementation of operational projects, moving the nation closer to its ambitious net zero objective.

The urgency of this action is underscored by the mounting pressure on the existing systems and processes.

With a tenfold increase in the number of new connection offers over the past five years, the current transmission queue has ballooned to over 340GW of new generation capacity.

More than 40% of these capacity holders have connection dates as late as 2030 or beyond.

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