British Gas advisers under fire for “false promises” on ‘green’ boilers

The company asserted that the reported incidents were “isolated” and pledged to enhance the training of its advisers

British Gas advisers have come under scrutiny following an investigation by openDemocracy, which revealed allegedly misleading claims made to customers about green energy.

According to the report, the ‘heating sales advisers’ employed by the company were recorded making inaccurate statements, including the assertion that hydrogen fuel would soon replace gas throughout the UK.

They also allegedly claimed that currently sold boilers could burn hydrogen instead of gas, although such a transition has not been established.

Furthermore, according to openDemocracy, one adviser provided misinformation by suggesting that using hydrogen would lead to reduced energy bills, a claim that does not align with current facts.

A British Gas spokesperson told Energy Live News: “The journey to net zero is complex and accurate information is really important to us. Our training and support is designed to ensure consistency and accuracy across our advisors.

“This is a fast-moving subject and our teams do a great job – we’ve listened to the couple of calls in which our advisors were asked very specific and detailed questions about hydrogen, and some elements of the conversation went beyond the training.

“This is isolated and we will give these guys some more support on the role hydrogen will play in net zero – which will be needed to help the UK hit emission targets.”

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