British Gas advisers under fire for “false promises” on ‘green’ boilers

The company asserted that the reported incidents were “isolated” and pledged to enhance the training of its advisers

UK hydrogen-ready boilers face ‘greenwashing’ warning

‘Hydrogen-ready’ boilers could be misleading consumers with greenwashing claims, emitting the same carbon dioxide emissions as standard gas boilers, warns the CMA

‘Networked ground source heat pumps key to UK’s decarbonisation’

Increasing the number of these heat pumps could help Britain reduce annual electricity consumption almost as much as the total annual output of Hinkley Point C, according to a report

Researchers to explore benefits of infrared heating for UK’s net zero

The research aims to gather data on different types of infrared heating, offering recommendations for future evaluation trials

Cornwall and Cambridgeshire lead UK in boiler upgrades

Rural areas across the UK have the highest demand for heating systems through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, according to a new report

‘EU heat pump goals to cut heating bills by 20%’

Meeting the REPowerEU heat pump target for 2030 could reduce CO2 emissions from EU residential buildings by 46%, according to a report

UK pledges to ramp up marketing campaign for heat pumps

The government has committed to enhancing the current campaign to increase consumer awareness and take-up of heat pumps

Germany to ban new gas boilers from 2024

The German Government has approved a bill that bans the installation of new gas and oil heating systems from 2024

UK pressured to okay hydrogen blending in household gas network

The UK’s Hydrogen Champion has called for greater clarity on hydrogen investment opportunities

‘Boiler ban could leave rural homes in fuel poverty’

Nearly 58% of households not connected to the gas grid believe the government’s 2026 boiler ban is unfair, new poll shows