Industry responds to the government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy

Industry leaders said the programme is a “step in the right direction” but lacks ambition

Boris Johnson confirms ban on all new gas boilers by 2035

Households could benefit from £5,000 grants to replace their old gas boilers with low carbon alternatives

Nearly three-quarters of Brits ‘haven’t a clue about gas boiler pollution’

A new poll shows almost 89% of people do not know that a gas boiler emits more carbon than a new car

Households ‘to be offered £5,000 to ditch gas boilers’

Boris Johnsons is set to announce a 2035 ban on all new gas boilers

Energy firms ‘urge government to ditch green taxes this winter’

Energy bills could further increase by an estimated £150 as a result of the taxes

‘Relying on large-scale nuclear for base supply is a bit problematic’

Marie Claire Brisbois, Lecturer in Energy Policy at the University of Sussex spoke to ELN about the Prime Minister’s commitment to green the UK’s grid by 2035 and the concerns it raises

UK’s boilers ’emit more than twice the CO2 of all gas-fired power stations’

Domestic gas boilers produce more than eight times as much nitrogen oxide as the UK’s power plants

Nearly 40% of consumers ‘are unaware of the ban on new gas boilers’

Nearly 79% of consumers would support a lower or zero tax on energy efficient appliances, according to new research

Government plan to ‘rip out’ gas boilers branded ‘utterly absurd’ by GMB

The GMB Union said the proposed ban on new gas boilers installations could lead to higher energy bills and weeks of disruption for homeowners

Grants of £7k ‘to be offered to households to ditch gas boilers’

A new £400m scrappage scheme will reportedly launch soon to encourage households to replace their boilers with low carbon heat pumps