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Over half of UK businesses express concern over energy price impact

A survey by Ofgem reveals that nearly 58% expressed concern regarding the impact of energy prices on their business, with 42% indicating they were very concerned

A joint study by Ofgem and the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero has shed light on businesses‘ experiences in the energy market, indicating widespread concerns over energy prices.

According to the research conducted by IFF Research, 58% of businesses expressed worry about the impact of energy prices on their operations, with 42% reporting significant concern.

Despite this, 60% of businesses expressed satisfaction with the overall service provided by their energy supplier, although 13% expressed dissatisfaction.

Common grievances included high costs, poor customer service and inadequate communication.

Additionally, while 55% found it easy to contact their energy supplier, 18% found it difficult.

Around 12% of businesses reported making a complaint to their supplier within the last six months, citing issues such as billing inaccuracies and unexpected charges.

The study, based on a telephone survey of 1,000 businesses across Great Britain in July 2023 followed by 30 qualitative interviews, focused solely on non-domestic premises with non-domestic energy contracts.

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