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High fuel margins spark CMA concerns

The Competition and Markets Authority's latest report highlights soaring fuel margins, prompting worries about competition

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has expressed concerns about rising fuel margins, suggesting possible competition challenges in the road fuel retail sector.

The report indicates a continuous increase in fuel margins, suggesting reduced competitive pressure in the industry.

While fuel prices have fluctuated, the CMA stresses the importance of transparency and real time pricing information for consumers.

Dan Turnbull, Senior Director of Markets at the CMA, said: “Drivers are feeling the pinch as fuel prices have been edging up since January. We’re particularly concerned by high margins which indicate weakened competition and are not a good sign for drivers.

“Today’s report reinforces the need for Pumpwatch and statutory powers to be in place as soon as possible, to ensure competition is effective in this market and to get a better deal for UK drivers.”

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