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‘Continuing as we are is not sustainable’

In this week’s Net Hero Special, we spoke to leading economist and Big Zero Show speaker, Vicky Pryce who told us that the financial sector is tightening regulation on greenwashing

In the lead up to the Big Zero Show, we’re introducing the Big Zero Briefings, where each week we will focus on one bit of content which can make the difference for your business. This week, we focus on finance.

We spoke to Vicky Pryce, lead economist and Big Zero Show speaker who told us that we will soon see stricter regulations on ESG reporting.

She said: ‘The sooner we get our financial institutions to adapt to stricter regulations involved around reporting, the more certainty there will be for consumers and the businesses.

‘The Financial Conduct Authority will now expect institutions including insurance companies, companies that either offer or invest in various products, portfolio managers and other such bodies to follow strict anti-greenwashing guidelines.

‘Businesses are going to have to do a lot of the work themselves in terms of the way in which they measure and report the impact of what they’re doing.

‘At the moment, there is no universal standard on carbon reporting but there are organisations out there trying to rationalise current metrics.

‘As a company, however, you need to understand which metrics are important for your company because not all metrics will apply to you and understand your supply chain emissions, your transport emissions and such.’

Watch the full episode below and register now to the Big Zero Show to find out how changing financial regulations will impact your business.

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