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Solar farm powers up to green BNP Paribas UK

Conrad Energy's Larport Solar Farm has started producing energy to support BNP Paribas' efforts to decarbonise its UK operations

Conrad Energy has announced that its Larport Solar Farm in Herefordshire has commenced energy production.

The farm is expected to generate 40,000MWh of renewable electricity annually, sufficient to power approximately 11,000 homes.

The energy produced by the farm will contribute to BNP Paribas’ goal of decarbonising its UK operations as part of the bank’s commitment to the Net Zero Banking Alliance.

The power generated will be supplied to BNP Paribas through a 15-year power purchase agreement.

The design of the farm was developed with input from the local community, leading to a project praised for its environmental contributions.

This includes the creation of 40 hectares of wildflower grassland and the planting of rare native black poplars.

Steven Hardman, Chief Executive Officer of Conrad Energy, commented: “The switching on of the Larport Solar Farm is an important moment for both Conrad Energy and BNP Paribas.

“Solar has a significant role to play in the energy transition and so I look forward to seeing further projects switch on in the future.”

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