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Europe’s top markets for renewables and battery co-location unveiled

Germany, Great Britain, the Ireland I-SEM and Poland lead in Europe's renewables co-location markets, according to new research

Germany, Britain, Ireland‘s I-SEM and Poland are recognised as top markets for integrating renewable energy sources (RES) with battery storage systems across Europe.

That’s according to Aurora Energy Research’s report, which anticipates an increase of 421GW in intermittent RES capacity by 2030, posing challenges such as price cannibalisation and curtailment risks.

Countries like Germany, Greece, the Netherlands and the Ireland I-SEM are particularly affected, prompting a surge in co-location strategies to mitigate these issues.

Analysts note that Germany offers lucrative revenue opportunities through revenue stacking and minimal grid fees, despite recent hurdles in innovation auctions.

Great Britain benefits from favourable regulations facilitating access to multiple markets and expedited grid connections.

The Ireland I-SEM addresses high curtailment risks with legislation enabling swift grid access for co-located projects, while Poland supports co-location with subsidies and access to long-term capacity market contracts.

However, the report underscores regulatory disparities across EU markets, with many lacking specific co-location policies.

Germany’s stringent requirements in innovation auctions hinder battery asset commercial viability, contrasting with Spain’s efforts to boost battery energy storage targets under its draft National Energy and Climate Plan.

The report identifies Poland, Hungary, Ireland I-SEM, Britain and France as having the most robust policy frameworks, supporting diverse revenue streams and grid benefits for co-located projects.

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