Drax half-year profit soars

Drax’s adjusted EBITDA was £225 million, up 21% from £186 million last year

Drax sets foot in Asia

The energy company aims to ramp up the sales of sustainable biomass pellets targeting the Japanese market

British Steel forges partnership to support Drax BECCS project

The deal could see around 13,000 tonnes of steel delivered for the company’s multi-billion-pound project

Government backs hydrogen from BECCS technologies

A pot of £5 million government funding has been made available

Government climate advisor talks about the pros and cons of direct air capture and BECCS

In the coming months, the Climate Change Committee may recognise that there are “big problems” with BECCS

MPs brand burning wood for energy as scandal

A group of 50 MPs has written a letter to the Energy Minister warning about the emissions produced by biomass

Carbon capture and storage put on the UK’s curriculum for ‘first time’

Selby College and Drax will develop what is described as the UK’s first educational programme in CCS

Industry responds to Net Zero Strategy

A “key step forward” or a “huge letdown” – what does the industry think?

BECCS, negative emissions and the net zero business future

Countries and organisations around the world are racing towards net zero emissions targets. Major companies including Microsoft, Google, Siemens and Unilever have pledged to balance their emissions to net zero before 2050.

Drax executive steps down from Climate Change Committee

The news comes after concerns were raised about a conflict of interest