Schwarzenegger – ‘I’ll be back… if we stop climate change’

Arnie said “lives depend” on climate action at his latest climate conference in Austria

Arnold Schwarzenegger kicks gas in fossil fuel satire

Posing as fictional car salesman Howard Kleiner, the former Governor of California attempts to sell would-be electric car-buyers gasoline models on a number of dubious grounds

Greta Thunberg and Arnie team up to terminate climate change

The 16-year-old climate activist and Hollywood star met at the launch of a conference to speed up progress towards the Paris Agreement

Green Tories “mean business” on environment

After his recent grilling by teachers Education Secretary Michael Gove has been looking for a bit of good news untainted by controversy. It seems he’s found it – with the help of Hollywood actor and former Californian state governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The pair are among a group of right-leaning politicians and academics voicing their concern for the environment in […]

Blog: Price freeze? Ed Miliband fancies himself in Schwarzenegger's boots

May 2015. The televised debates are over, votes counted, leadership won. As champagne corks pop, dry ice clouds rising in the winning party’s HQ, a futuristic, macho figure clomps through the auditorium to ascend the stage. “I think a price freeeeze is coming,” declares the costumed party leader, brandishing a fake ice-ray gun, in swaggering […]

The efficienator – Arnie backs Green Deal!

Arnold Schwarzenegger gave the thumbs up as he congratulated the UK Government on its leadership in the field of energy efficiency. Best known to the world as the Terminator, the former Governor of California sent a video message following the launch of the Government’s energy efficiency schemes. He said: “I want to congratulate Greg Barker […]

US court finds California’s low carbon fuel laws unconstitutional

A district court in the US yesterday found California’s low carbon fuel laws unconstitutional. The ruling could come as a blow to the state which set itself up as a green example with its Low Carbon Fuel Standard, the first of its kind in the country. Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger first established the LCFS in […]