ESO replaces Balancing Mechanism with new platform

The electricity system operator has launched the first phase of its Open Balancing Platform, which is set to replace the existing Balancing Mechanism and Ancillary Services Dispatch Platform by 2027

UK homes balance the grid

UK households are set to stabilise the power grid by participating in a new trial initiated by the Electricity System Operator

Ofgem cracks down on winter energy price manipulation

New regulations unveiled today by Ofgem will thwart generators from inflating energy prices unfairly, shielding consumers from high winter bills

ESO revamps Balancing Reserve: Green light for smaller units

The Electricity System Operator has changed its plans for the Balancing Reserve service, making it accessible to smaller units alongside larger ones

“Outdated ESO systems favour high carbon assets, costing consumers £150m”

National Grid ESO has been urged to urgently reform the Balancing Mechanism to enhance low carbon flexibility

UK wind farm forced to cut output as coal plant supports grid

The Seagreen offshore wind farm off the east coast of Scotland was ordered to reduce its output, while the Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal-fired power station was paid to support the UK’s power supply

Crackdown on energy profiteers: Ofgem proposes new Balancing Mechanism rules

The energy regulator has initiated a consultation to address concerns over electricity generators seeking excessive financial gain through the Balancing Mechanism

Heatwave: UK activates coal plant, cost revealed

Coal power units were brought back online in the UK to meet high electricity demand during the heatwave, marking the end of a 46-day period without coal generation

National Grid turns to coal power amidst rising air conditioning demand

In response to rising electricity demand for air conditioning, National Grid has asked Uniper’s Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station in Nottinghamshire to make preparations for operation

Electric vehicles could balance UK power grid cheaper!

A collaboration between Octopus Energy and ESO has unveiled the cost-effective potential of V2G technology in balancing the UK grid