MEPs propose higher renewable energy target

Environment MEPs are proposing to raise the EU’s renewable energy goals for 2030. They suggest increasing the share of energy from renewable sources such as solar and wind to at least 35%. It is part of the ongoing reform of the renewables energy directive, a central piece of EU energy and climate change policy, which […]

EU clears buyout of Ireland’s Inver by Greenergy

The European Commission has approved the buyout of Ireland’s Inver Energy by Greenergy. Inver is an independent importer and distributor of a range of fuel products, predominantly in Ireland, where is also operates retail service stations. In the UK, it operates a terminal in Cardiff, from where it supplies fuel oil, gasoil and kerosene. Greenergy, […]

Use waste products rather than crops for biofuels, say researchers

Biofuels produced from waste products could make a “real impact” in cutting carbon emissions than crops. That’s according to the Royal Academy of Engineering, which claims biofuels made from food crops like wheat can sometimes produce higher emissions than petrol and their use should be restricted. It found while biofuels manufactured from crops like corn […]

NASA says biofuel could slash jet pollution by 70%

NASA has confirmed biofuels can reduce jet engine pollution by as much as 70%. Its research concluded particle emissions from plane exhausts can be greatly decreased by using a 50:50 blend of aviation fuel and a renewable alternative produced from plant oil. As well as cutting Carbon Dioxide emissions, the mix also saw a significant […]

Biofuels worse than petrol for climate, study claims

Biofuels are worse for the climate than petrol, according to new research. It claims they lead to an increase rather than a decrease in carbon emissions. The study in the US challenges the widely-held assumption that biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel are carbon neutral. Researchers at the University of Michigan (U-M) found crops used […]

Boeing to be part of Mexican biofuel research initiative

Aerospace giant Boeing has announced it will join a biofuel research alliance in Mexico. The firm will work with company Aeromexico and 17 other institutions in a programme to boost research and development of biofuel in the country. The research will be focused on biomass sourcing, fuel production, sustainability and lifecycle assessment and aviation biofuel market development. The […]

UK funds £25m in greener fuel technology

The Department for Transport is funding £25 million for green fuel projects. Companies Celtic Renewables in Edinburgh, Advanced Plasma Power in Swindon and Nova Pangaea Technologies from Tees Valley will receive a share of the loan which will help boost the local industry. The projects will convert whisky, household and forestry waste into biofuel. They […]

$100m to boost US renewable fuel infrastructure

The US biofuels industry is getting a huge boost, thanks to a $100 million (£65.5m) investment. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is investing the cash in a ‘Biofuels Infrastructure Partnership’ to make more renewable fuel options available to consumers. Currently the typical gas pump can deliver fuel containing a maximum of 10% ethanol, limiting […]

Biofuels could create “36,000 UK jobs”

Biofuels could help create thousands of new jobs across the country. The International Council on Clean Transportation’s (ICCT) report claims if all the wastes and residues that are sustainably available in the EU were converted to biofuels, it could supply 16% of road transport fuel by 2030. This would create 36,000 jobs and save 37 […]

Europe’s biomass appetite “would eat three UKs”

Imagine the UK was covered with crops used for biofuel. Multiply it by three. That’s the amount of land and forest needed to meet Europe’s bioenergy demands according to a new report by the Vienna University of Economics and Business for Friends of the Earth Europe. Supporters of biofuel argue it is a valuable energy […]