Ireland boosts energy research projects with €19.8m

One of the projects promises to give a sustainable decommissioning solution for wind turbines

Big Zero Report 2022

A total of 49 projects have been awarded €19.8 million (£16.5m) in Irish government funding.

One of these projects aims to develop a tool for end-of-life wind turbines, examining lifetime extension, repurposing and sustainable decommissioning.

It is estimated by 2030 Ireland will have around 1,000 wind turbines that will reach their end-of-life.

Grants will also support a project that will provide e-bikes to explore the impact of e-mobility on people’s behaviour.

Eamon Ryan, Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications, said: “With such diverse areas as green hydrogen, robotics for wind farm maintenance, biofuels and technologies for increasing energy efficiency in buildings, this investment sees Ireland’s researchers take exciting steps forward in our national efforts to meet our binding climate targets.”

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