Birmingham becomes home to ‘UK’s largest’ public EV charging hub

The new hub features 16 ultra-fast and 150 fast charging points, accommodating up to 180 EVs

bp invests £4m in UK EV fleet optimisation software provider

Dynamon’s tools help businesses understand actions they can take to decarbonise their fleets more cost-effectively

bp boss rejects renewables investment “for the sake of it”

The Chief Executive Officer of bp has emphasised the need for profitability in green energy projects, stating that investments in both fossil fuels and renewables are necessary for global energy security

UK hosts £100bn energy investment summit

Energy giants, including EDF, SSE, Shell and bp will join forces with the Energy Security Secretary in a Downing Street summit to discuss a £100 billion investment plan

bp reports $2.6bn second-quarter profit amid lower fuel prices

The energy giant said the profit declined by 70% from the previous year due to lower fuel prices and weaker oil trading

UK Energy Secretary vows accountability for fuel price rip-offs

Grant Shapps has pledged to hold retailers accountable if they persist in overcharging motorists, emphasising the need for transparency and competition in the fuel market

UK to crack down on petrol stations overcharging drivers

The UK Energy Secretary is set to meet with prominent retailers, such as Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, bp, Shell and Esso, to discuss measures aimed at ensuring fair fuel prices

UK Energy Secretary warns retailers: Act or face legal consequences

Grant Shapps has issued a stern warning to retailers, urging immediate action or else face severe legal repercussions for their practices in the wake of fuel price hikes

Hydrogen to play limited role in future heat scenarios, says bp

bp states that hydrogen will have a limited role in future heat scenarios, as heat pumps prove to be more efficient in reducing energy demand for heating

bp beats profit forecasts in first quarter

The energy giant has reported profits of $5 billion for the first quarter