New solvent-based tech ‘could be the key to carbon capture’

A Leeds-based company is exploring different ways to remove and capture greenhouse gases before they reach the atmosphere

Europe ‘could store at least 4,000 bn tonnes of CO2 in rocks’

An Icelandic startup has unveiled a mapping tool to prove the feasibility of its stone carbon storage technology

ExxonMobil unveils plan for $100bn CCS project in Texas

The proposed hub is forecast to capture 100 million tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2040 and store them under the Gulf of Mexico seabed

Bioenergy and CCS could help the UK save more than £4.5bn over the coming decade

Achieving the net zero target without BECCS would cost the UK an additional £15 billion, according to a new report

Government announces landmark ban on funding of fossil fuel projects overseas

A new ‘North Sea Transition Deal’ will see policymakers and industry invest up to £16 billion in renewables, hydrogen and carbon capture usage and storage by 2030 to reduce carbon emissions

bp unveils plans for ‘UK’s largest’ blue hydrogen production facility

The project is predicted to produce up to 1GW of blue hydrogen by 2030, 20% of the UK’s hydrogen target

‘UK’s first’ carbon capture project given £72m funding

The HyNet North West project is expected to create 6,000 new jobs and reduce carbon emissions by 10 million tonnes every year by 2030

‘World’s first’ Aussie-Japanese project to produce hydrogen from coal

Brown coal will be used with carbon capture and storage technology to produce clean hydrogen

Aussie carbon capture projects bag AUD$50m boost

Carbon recycling is among the eligible technologies that will secure a share from the fund

Drax starts planning process to build bioenergy with CCS plants

The company has started the application to build BECCS units as soon as 2024