Salty solution: Researchers shake things up with affordable CO2 capture

Researchers have found a new way to store carbon dioxide by creating structures made from a special salt

Shell bids farewell to large carbon capture plan in Northern England

Shell will reportedly withdraw from NEP project and will focus on the Scottish Acorn CCS project following National Grid Ventures’ exit

Eleph-antastic storage potential discovered under North Sea: UK Energy Secretary

Grant Shapps has announced a potential carbon storage capacity of 78 billion tonnes in the UK Continental Shelf, equivalent to the weight of 15 billion elephants or 234 million Boeing 747s

Iceland keeps its carbon underground – But how?

An Icelandic company is looking to crack the code on carbon capture in an innovative way

National Grid waves goodbye to North Sea carbon capture project

The company will reportedly withdraw from its proposed pipeline project in the Humber region, which aimed to transport CO2 emissions to the North Sea for carbon capture purposes

Uniper supercharges grid stability with custom condenser units

Grain power station site has introduced two new custom-built synchronous condenser units, making Uniper the biggest grid stability service provider

ExxonMobil: ‘Low carbon business could overtake oil and gas’

The energy giant has set a target to generate billions of dollars from hydrogen, carbon capture and biofuels within the next decade

Bids invited for next carbon capture clusters

Scotland will host new hydrogen, floating offshore wind and CCUS projects

Drax to hold talks with government to deliver large-scale BECCS project

Although the Drax Power Station BECCS project has passed its deliverability assessment, it failed to get Track-1 status

UK launches first carbon capture rail corridor

The ‘Rail to Zero’ project offers a promising solution for dispersed industrial sites to achieve permanent carbon storage