Acorn gets green light for massive CO2 storage expansion

Acorn has secured licenses from the North Sea Transition Authority to boost its carbon storage capacity in the North Sea, allowing it to store approximately 240 megatonnes of carbon dioxide

UK company dives deep to sink carbon

A UK-based carbon removal company is conducting seaweed biomass sinking trials to assess the carbon removal potential of seaweed

Scottish scientists score £1m to trap CO2 in volcanic rocks

The team of scientists is working to confirm the viability of a process in which CO2 captured is turned into minerals by basalt volcanic rock

Iberdrola launches new business for carbon credits

Iberdrola’s new business, Carbon2Nature, aims to capture over 61 million tonnes of carbon dioxide through nature-based projects

Fuel producer bags £4m to capture CO2 from waste-to-fuel process

Compact Syngas Solutions converts landfill-bound waste into hydrogen gas, a promising “green” fuel for transportation

Scotland misses greenhouse gas emissions target

Scotland has failed to meet its greenhouse gas emissions target, marking the eighth time in 12 years that the legally binding target has been missed

Rising CO2 levels reach new heights, scientists warn

Atmospheric CO2 levels measured at NOAA’s Mauna Loa Observatory have reached 424 parts per million in May, marking a significant increase

Air we go again! Sadiq Khan braces for High Court battle over ULEZ expansion

London’s Mayor is determined to implement his ultra-low emission zone plans despite a legal challenge being given the go-ahead to proceed

Private jet flights from UK increased by 75% in 2022

Investigation shows that these flights emitted half a million tonnes of carbon dioxide

‘Around 90% of world’s carbon offsets are useless’

That’s according to a new investigation, claiming that the impact of certain credits is being overestimated by up to 400%