Banking giant commits $200bn in sustainable financing

Wells Fargo will provide half of the funding for projects that directly support the low carbon transition

Green technologies ‘accelerating in US marketplace’

Clean energy technologies are accelerating in the US. That’s according a to new report which was launched by Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. It shows a dramatic increase in deployment and a decrease in cost of four “transformational technologies”: wind turbines, solar technologies, electric vehicles (EVs) and LEDs. The report states between 2008 and 2014, onshore wind […]

£25m pot to spark low carbon energy innovation

The UK’s new Energy Catalyst fund which aims to support innovative low carbon technologies was launched by the Government yesterday. The initial round, which includes funding worth £25 million, is seeking applications from innovative businesses, academics and research institutions to support projects ranging from early stage concept designs to pre-commercial technology validation. The new initiative […]

EU unveils clean air package to tackle pollution

A new package of measures aimed at tackling pollution and improving air quality in the European Union has been unveiled. The draft proposal includes revised legal limits on how much each member state can emit from a list of major pollutants as well as new law to cut emissions from medium-sized industrial installations such as […]

IEA: World’s energy as ‘dirty’ now as 20 years ago

The world has made almost no progress towards cutting carbon from its energy supplies in the last 20 years and the development of clean energy is progressing too slowly to tackle climate change. That’s the warning from the International Energy Agency (IEA), which today suggested that despite investing trillions of dollars in renewable projects, the […]

Ernst and Young gives government wake-up call on clean-tech

Confidence that the government will grow the UK’s clean energy sector over the next year has fallen sharply since last year’s Comprehensive Spending Review and electricity market reform. That’s the conclusion of new research from Ernst & Young, which surveyed 529 UK-based corporates, financiers and cleantech companies. The study found that just 13% of respondents […]

Scotland in energy pact with Caribbean and Latin America

Scotland’s expertise in developing low carbon technologies is to play a role in advancing clean energy in Latin America and the Caribbean. Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead has signed an agreement between the Scottish government and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) which will promote Scottish know-how in the development of clean-tech projects in Latin America and […]

UK renewables "playing in Europe’s amateur league": Huhne

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has branded the UK’s renewables industry as “amateur”. Speaking at a clean technology conference yesterday, he said the UK was “playing in Europe’s amateur league when we ought to be in the Premiership”. He also lambasted the country’s Euro-renewables ranking. “We are 25th out of 27 EU members states on renewables.” […]