Emissions grinding you down? London could save a latte…

Shell is working as part of a collaboration to power a number of London buses with biofuel made from waste coffee grounds. The energy giant is working with bio-bean to help scale-up its innovative B20 coffee oil-based biofuel. Buses and a number of other diesel vehicles can run using the fuel without need for any […]

Coffee capsule recycling – better latte than never

A coffee company has launched a trial to recycle its used aluminium capsules through a London council’s household waste collection service. Nespresso’s pilot project in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea aims to expand existing recycling schemes for the used coffee capsules, which until now have been handed in at the company’s stores or collected […]

Costa to serve up green coffee with ultra-sustainable roastery

Costa has unveiled its £38 million energy and resource efficient coffee roastery in Essex. The new facility has achieved the BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ certification, making it one of the top 10 industrial facilities in Europe for sustainability. It includes solar roof panels, generating 250KW of power and a rainwater harvesting system for recycling and reusing water. […]

Network Rail on track to fuel coffee waste

Network Rail is providing coffee waste from its stations to be used as fuel. Its new project at six major railway stations follows the successful completion of trials at London Victoria and Waterloo. The scheme will now also run at Euston, King’s Cross, Liverpool Street and Paddington. Green energy company bio-bean will convert around 700 tonnes of coffee waste […]

Nespresso pours $550m for sustainable cuppas

Nestle’s Nespresso plans to spend 500 million Swiss Francs (£329m) in the next six years towards curbing its impact on the environment. The sustainability programme named ‘Positive Cup’ includes a range of commitments, including plans to invest 15 million francs (£9.9m) to help farmers in Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan as well as source 100% […]

Blog: A greener caffeine kick for you

I don’t enjoy doing the tea rounds in the office. One, because I have to boil the water twice if the whole lot is in. And two, because we’re a pretty fussy bunch of people (sorry guys). Some want the regular tea (the normal people’s drink), others Earl Grey (for the older lot) and sometimes […]

Beanergi brews a green message

ELN Reporter Priyanka Shrestha talks to the Founder & CEO of London-based Beanergi about the company’s new initiative. It uses coffee waste from shops and restaurants to generate renewable energy – benefiting both the businesses and the environment.

Wake up and smell the sustainable coffee

A convenient cup of joe no longer has to come at the expense of the environment, according to a UK firm which has developed a biodegradable coffee pod (pictured). Biome Bioplastics said it was responding to the rising popularity of coffee machines which use single-use pods or capsules, which are difficult to recycle and usually […]