Gold and copper mix recycles emissions

An American research institute has found gold and copper could be used to capture carbon dioxide emissions. Researchers around the world have studied copper’s potential as a means of recycling emissions in power plants: carbon dioxide is circulated through a copper catalyst and turned into methane, which could then power the rest of the plant. […]

Power cable theft doubles to 20 attacks a day

Attacks on Britain’s power network because of cable theft doubled to more than 20 a day in 2011 compared with the year before. The worrying statistic is driven by high demand for copper with prices of up to $8,000 a tonne this week. Thieves are targeting the power grid in the hope of selling it […]

Nuclear waste containers not fit for purpose says expert

The protection against corrosion offered by copper canisters encasing nuclear waste has been called into question. Dr Peter Szakalos of the KTH Royal Institute, a Swedish chemical science and engineering school, said: “There are problems. The knowledge scientists have now show that what was put in to practice 30 years ago is void.” Speaking at […]