Shell finishes deal to sell retail and lubricants business in Russia

The company’s Russian retail stations and lubricants business have been sold to LUKOIL

Shell agrees to sell its Russian petrol stations

LUKOIL will buy Shell’s Russian retail and lubricants businesses

Biden orders ‘unprecedented and largest ever’ release of US oil reserves

The president plans to release one million barrels of crude oil daily for six months starting in May

Cambo oil field given two-year licence-extension

Shell told ELN the company will “evaluate all potential future options for the project”

MPs told petrol could hit ‘£2.50 per litre’

Diesel rising to £3 per litre is also ‘definitely in the realms of possibility’ according to experts

“Doesn’t Russian oil smell of Ukrainian blood for you?”

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister has criticised Shell for buying oil from Russia

US awards 13.4m barrels of crude oil from emergency stockpile

Over the last two months, the Biden Administration has approved the release of 40m barrels of crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to address the high oil prices

Chinese and French giants seal $10bn deal for Uganda oil project

The project includes oil fields and pipeline network in Uganda and Tanzania

Renewable materials and energy – the answer to net zero plastics?

A new report suggests zero-emission plastics are a possibility and the only thing halting progress ‘is the will’

UK must allow new oil and gas fields or face future shortages, trade body says

OGUK said blocking oil and gas projects would leave consumers more exposed to soaring energy bills