Standing charges to rise for millions

Energy regulator Ofgem has confirmed average household energy bills will decrease by £238, but electricity standing charges will rise

Ofgem unveils measures to address rising energy debt

Ofgem has announced measures, including equalisation of standing charges, a temporary £28 per year support payment, extension of the ban on acquisition-only tariffs and the termination of the Market Stabilisation Charge

‘Energy suppliers hold £8bn in overpaid customer funds’

Both households and businesses using fixed direct debits contribute to this sum

Missed bill payments surge to winter levels

Around 2.4 million households have missed at least one essential bill payment, including energy and water bills, in the month to mid-July, according to a report

Energy suppliers may raise bills by £30 to pay off debt

Energy customers face a potential £30 yearly charge to support those struggling with bill payments

Treasury tells Ofgem to scrap prepayment meter rip-off

The energy regulator will look at options to end the standing charge premium by 2024

Business Secretary hit by “outrageous figure” on energy direct debit

Grant Shapps has disclosed he has himself fallen victim to an energy supplier putting up his direct debit

EDF: “More than half of UK households will be in fuel poverty in January”

More than 10% of a household’s disposable income is forecast to be spent on energy bills

“My direct debit is due to increase by 88% in September”

An EDF Energy customer told ELN he will see his direct debit jump from £252 to £453 next month

Business Secretary expects more cost of living support to come with the new PM

Kwasi Kwarteng has said the new Prime Minister has to work with the new Chancellor to put together a new support package