British Gas to freeze standard tariff direct debits until next year

The energy supplier said it will assess the market outlook in February 2022 before making a final decision on changing direct debit payments to reflect the increase to the SVT

Energy bills to hike for Bulb customers

Starting from next month, many customers will need to pay an average of £69 more a year for their electricity and gas consumption

Shadow of an ‘energy credit cash bomb’ looms large for suppliers

A new report estimates energy suppliers owe an estimated £1.8 billion to 13 million households

Ofgem proposes to make suppliers return £1.4bn credit balances to customers

That would result in around £65 per household on average being returned automatically, ensuring consumers paying by fixed direct debit do not overpay for their energy

Get £10k if you pay your energy bill by direct debit

Energy customers are being incentivised to switch to direct debit by being offfered the chance of winning £10,000. The Bacs Payment Schemes Limited (Bacs) has started a national campaign called the Freedom Guaranteed 2016 scheme to encourage bill payers to switch payment method. Any customer of a participating utility firm can enter a competition with […]

‘Significant fall’ in price gap between energy payment types

The difference in prices between payment methods for energy has “fallen significantly” since new rules were introduced in 2009, according to Ofgem. The rules allow suppliers to charge different prices for different methods but only if the amount reflects the costs of providing those accounts. They were designed to protect consumers and take into account […]

Four Big Six energy firms agree automatic direct debit refund

Four out of the Big Six energy suppliers have agreed to automatically refund direct debit customers who are in credit. EDF Energy, British Gas and SSE as well as smaller supplier First Utility followed E.ON to hand back surplus cash to customers but ScottishPower and npower have yet to follow suit. The money could also […]

Automatic refund for SSE’s direct debit customers

Direct debit customers with more than £5 credit at the end of their yearly billing cycle will automatically be paid the amount, SSE has announced. Automatic refunds were previously only made on balances of £100 or more. SSE will also start reviewing all direct debit customers’ accounts twice a year within the next 12 months. […]

Supplier slashes charges for non-direct debit customers

Energy supplier First Utility has slashed its charges for customers who don’t pay by direct debit from £8 a month to £2. The cut applies to all the small supplier’s customers immediately, meaning charges tot up to just £24 a year. It is piggybacking on the recent outcry from MPs over the “huge discrepancy” in charges. On […]

MPs rail against charges for energy customers NOT on direct debit

Customers face a “huge disparity” in costs when deciding whether to pay for energy with direct debits or by cash and cheques, MPs claimed yesterday. The issue reared its head in the House of Commons when backbench MPs put forward a motion to force government to act on the problem. Mike Weir, the Scottish National […]