Data will help TPIs and suppliers survive the microbusiness re-view

Ofgem and the CMA’s respective reviews on energy pricing for micro-businesses will change how these customers are charged for their energy contracts. TPIs and suppliers have to negotiate the outcomes of these reviews which could change how they operate forever.

Fracking with CCUS compatible with net zero goal, says government

BEIS has set out its position on shale gas exploration as Cuadrilla starts work on its second well at the Preston New Road site in Lancashire

Check your area’s energy use with our interactive map

Fish out your energy bill for the year. How much electricity does your home or business guzzle over the year? How does that match up against the average for your area? Find out by scrolling around this interactive map, which uses Government statistics from substations around the UK. Disclaimer – this is an experiment for ELN […]

EDF Energy price rise begins

EDF Energy puts its household power prices up by an average of 3.9% today with bills increasing to £1,237 from £1,190. The supplier’s relatively modest price hike of £47 is less than it could have been since the Government cut the amount of cash suppliers must spend on green levies by £12 per person. Only […]