China Energy building $5bn hydrogen plant in Egypt

It’s estimated that once operational, the site will produce 140,000 tonnes of green hydrogen annually

Fight climate change, not each other, says COP28 President

Sultan al-Jaber has said the climate strategies that countries pursue “must leave no one behind”

Egyptian pyramids could be lost to climate change

This could be within the century due to rising sea levels, experts have warned

COP27 reaches a deal on climate compensation

Analysts say the biggest economies must commit to larger CO2 reductions as the UN Secretary-General calls for a “giant leap on climate ambition”

‘Egypt is polluting coral reefs whilst hosting COP,’ study claims

An oil terminal is allegedly releasing wastewater into the Red Sea

Climate activists inside COP27 to battle protest ban

They are protesting inside the summit, as it is temporarily under international jurisdiction

UK unboxes £65m clean tech investment at COP27

The new funding aims to make clean technologies accessible and affordable to developing countries

World burning up faster that it can recover, says Pakistan’s PM at COP27

During his speech, Shehbaz Sharif said it was “now or never” to take action

“Climate security goes hand in hand with energy security”: PM Rishi Sunak

UK PM Rishi Sunak mentions rising energy prices are a “reason to act faster” on climate change

Peace needed for climate action, says President Zelensky

Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky told the UN’s COP27 climate summit that Russia’s war has destroyed nearly five million acres of forests in less than six months