US announces $30m federal fund for fuel cell technology

The funding will further the study of producing hydrogen and energy from the electrolysis of water

New hydrogen site causes a bubble in Denmark

The Air Liquide facility can produce around 500kg of the gas a day without emitting carbon dioxide

New catalyst edges closer to hydrogen production from seawater

A new discovery means the process can be undertaken without creating harmful gases

First multi-megawatt gas-to-power plant in North America enters operation

The 2.5MW facility produces renewable hydrogen whilst also providing grid services to Ontario’s System Operators

Solar-to-hydrogen efficiency record broken

The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has broken the world record for solar hydrogen production. Scientists there managed to acheive a solar-to-hydrogen efficiency level of 16.2%, smashing the previous record of 14%. The process uses photoelectrochemical (PEC) cells to split water and make hydrogen using sunlight as the only energy input. The record-setting PEC […]

New power-to-gas facility launched in Germany

A 2MW power-to-gas (P2G) pilot system which will help store excess wind generated from turbines in the gas grid has been inaugurated in eastern Germany. Located in Falkenhagen, the plant (pictured) will use the wind power to transform water into hydrogen via a process called electrolysis – a technology considered key to storing excess renewable […]

E.ON’s new power-to-gas plant in Germany

E.ON has started the construction of a new plant which helps excess wind generated from turbines to be stored in the gas grid. The Germany-based plant will create hydrogen through a process called electrolysis, which is fed into the regional gas grid where it can generate electricity. The plant will store excess power from wind […]