Britain’s gas-fired generation breaks record in third quarter

Britain remained a net exporter in the third quarter, according to a report

Sweden reigns European power exports

The country overtook France as top exporter in the first half of the year, according to a new report

Britain “exported electricity for first time since 2017 in second quarter’

The war in Ukraine and limited supplies of French nuclear power contributed to the change, according to a report

Analysts cast doubt on National Grid’s plan for off-peak energy use

The scheme which aims to pay consumers to use less electricity at peak times will not solve the “big capacity crunch”, according to a report

Gas and coal prices in GB market ‘rise to their highest ever levels’

Prices soared to all-time highs in the first quarter this year following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, new report shows

Capacity market auction cleared at an all-time high price

Britain’s Capacity Market auction secured 42.4GW for the delivery year 2025-26 at a record price of £30.59 per kW per year

Britain’s auction for electricity capacity clears at highest ever price

The clearing price of £75 per kW per year surpasses the previous record of £45 which was set last year

France remains Europe’s biggest power exporter in 2021

Most of France’s total net exports in the second half of 2021 flowed to Italy and Britain

‘Average day-ahead prices rose by 235% in 2021’

The prices went up from £35/MWh to £118/MWh, a new report suggests

Large fire at key UK substation cuts off power from France

The IFA interconnector is currently out of service and following an initial review, National Grid said 1,000MW of capacity is unavailable until 27th March 2022