GB energy market achieves record low system price

The UK has achieved historic low system price of -£185.33/MWh in the GB ID Imbalance market, according to a report

Energy specialists from EnAppSys have reported that Britain (GB) has recorded its lowest ever System Price in the GB ID Imbalance market, reaching -£185.33/MWh.

The achievement of this record low price, which was recorded yesterday, can be attributed to a combination of factors.

The presence of relatively high levels of wind and solar generation, coupled with lower demand, played a significant role, EnAppSys experts have said.

Additionally, substantial imports from neighbouring countries contributed to the downward pressure on imbalance prices.

Phil Hewitt, EnAppSys Director said: “To be uber geeky, the modern era of system pricing began in November 2015 when GB moved to a single system price so this is a record for the “modern era”.

“The lowest ever system price was after Damhead Creek disconnected in response to an emergency instruction on 19th May, 2004 when the system sell price cleared (controversially) at -£5,870.84/MWh.”

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