“Six million UK households still in fuel poverty despite energy bill drop”

Ofgem’s announcement of a 12% drop in energy bills for April to June is welcomed, but National Energy Action warns that six million UK households will still face fuel poverty

Industry reacts: Relief over energy price cap, challenges remain

Responses from industry leaders to Ofgem’s new energy price cap highlight the relief felt by consumers, yet underscore ongoing challenges with inflated energy costs and growing debt

Ofgem unveils measures to address rising energy debt

Ofgem has announced measures, including equalisation of standing charges, a temporary £28 per year support payment, extension of the ban on acquisition-only tariffs and the termination of the Market Stabilisation Charge

New price cap: Energy bills to fall by almost £238

The typical household’s bill is expected to fall from £1,928 a year to £1,690 from 1st April, a drop of around 12.3%

Ofgem’s price cap: What’s next for billpayers?

Ofgem is set to announce a new energy price cap later this week

‘Government energy bill support crucial to avert household crisis’

The Fuel Bank Foundation stresses the urgent necessity for government assistance to relieve financial strain on households unable to cover prepayment gas and electricity meter top ups

British Gas profits increase ten-fold

British Gas has reported a ten-fold increase in profits for 2023, reaching £750 million, attributed to regulator Ofgem allowing the recovery of £500 million in losses incurred after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Nearly 40% of Brits struggle to keep the lights on

Almost 44% of Britons are reducing their fuel usage due to rising expenses, according to the latest Office for National Statistics data

Government’s fund offers help for winter bills

Families facing challenges with energy bills are urged to approach their council for assistance through the Household Support Fund

Month of free electricity for energy supplier’s customers with new tech

Utilita has introduced new technology which provides customers with a detailed breakdown of individual appliance costs, helping them cut electricity wastage by 7% annually