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OVO launches ‘energy savings account’ to offer discounts

OVO has launched OVO Beyond, a rewards programme providing free EV miles, discounts on energy bills and other incentives to encourage sustainable choices

OVO has introduced OVO Beyond, a rewards programme offering customers savings and future green rewards through an ‘Energy Savings Account’.

This account provides up to 2,400 free electric vehicle (EV) miles over two years and other incentives such as discounts on energy bills, home energy insights and free boiler services.

The ‘Energy Savings Account’ helps customers transition to EVs by banking 100 free miles each month.

This programme aims to address the high costs that 62% of people identify as a barrier to switching to EVs.

OVO Beyond also plans to offer similar incentives for solar panels and air source heat pumps later this year.

Using Kaluza‘s software, OVO Beyond offers insights into home energy usage and rewards customers for energy-efficient practices.

Customers participating in OVO’s Power Move can earn additional bill discounts by shifting energy usage to greener times.

Benefits include discounts on smart thermostats, boiler services, heating and plumbing repairs and Energy Expert visits.

Additionally, customers can enjoy VIP access to live events at OVO partner music venues through OVO Live.

Mat Moakes, Chief Commercial Officer, OVO said: “We know consumers have a real desire to do the right thing for our planet, but cost remains a key barrier, which is why we’ve created a new type of rewards programme.

” OVO Beyond lets customers make savings today and bank rewards for making more sustainable choices, powering the switch to a greener future.”

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