Can the EU hit the target?

Energy Bill has extensive experience working for suppliers, TPIs and other energy companies. Still employed in the industry, he writes exclusively for ELN on the energy issues of the day. The football season is reaching its peak. Chelsea controversially derailed Liverpool’s Premier League title bid last week, with many column inches deriding the ‘negative’ approach […]

Business with 250 employees? Brace for mandatory energy audits

Large businesses could be legally obliged to have an energy audit under new plans put forward by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) today. Businesses in the UK already face mandatory carbon reporting and now firms with 250 employees or more could also have to pick out ways to invest in energy efficiency […]

EU’s efficiency measures a ‘hammer blow’ for smart metering

Smaller countries are likely to back out of smart metering schemes as the EU’s energy efficiency measures “waters down” the billing and metering requirements found in previous drafts. A research and consulting firm claims many countries are concerned about the cost of smart metering proposed under the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive, which was agreed by […]

Ireland ‘unlikely’ to meet 2020 EU targets

Ireland is “unlikely” to meet the EU energy targets for 2020 unless there is more support from the Government. That’s according to the EU-funded ‘Sustainable Energy for the Rural Village Environment’ (SERVE) project, which claims around 90,000 buildings will need significant energy upgrades every year until 2020 but less than 50,000 buildings will do so […]

UK takes flak for “watering down” EU efficiency laws

The UK Government has been criticised for its role in “watering down” new EU laws which set legally binding energy efficiency laws for European countries. The EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive means all Member States have to bring in energy saving schemes, led by the public sector. It also reinforces the EU’s 20% energy savings target […]