Price cap on Russian oil comes into force

G7 countries and Australia have implemented a cap of $60 a barrel

Nearly 60% of Britons are “concerned” about potential blackouts this winter

Almost half feel “prepared” to cope with blackouts in their area, according to a new survey

Germany greenlights lifetime extension of nuclear plants

The three remaining nuclear power plants will be kept open to help the country through the current energy crisis

Rough reopens amid winter blackout fears

The storage site will run at 20% capacity

Leaked scripts reveal BBC response to potential blackouts this winter

Britons will reportedly be advised to turn up car radios to be informed about the progress of restoring power to their homes

UK could face ‘three-hour’ blackouts in ‘deepest, darkest’ weekdays, warns NG boss

John Pettigrew has said Britain would face this ‘unlikely’ scenario if gas imports are reduced

Disruption unlikely but possible this winter, says Grid

Under a “highly unlikely” scenario of a gas shortage in Britain, there will be disruption in customers’ energy supplies, the National Grid ESO has said

Liz Truss calls for unity amid ‘energy war’

Britain’s neighbours should work together to guard against winter blackouts, the Prime Minister has said

CO2 price hike could add an extra £1.7bn to the price of UK groceries

The price of a tonne of liquid CO2 is up 3,000% higher than it was a year ago, according to a new report

IEA: Europe faces ‘unprecedented risks’ over gas supply this winter

The IEA warns that Europe needs to cut the use of gas by 13% in case of a complete Russian pipeline gas supply cutoff