UK’s largest CO2 supplier to permanently close ammonia plant

CF Fertilisers plans to permanently close its ammonia plant at the Billingham Complex to “ensure the long-term sustainability of its business in the UK”

Massive explosion kills around 18,000 cows at Texas dairy farm

The blast is believed to have been caused by methane gas igniting machinery at the farm, according to local authorities

UK to give methane suppressants to dairy cows for net zero

Ministers plan to mandate the use of methane suppressants in compound feeds for cattle to reduce emissions from cows and other farm animals

UK farmers to get paid more to introduce greener practices

The new environmental land management schemes are set to offer additional payments of up to £1,000 a year to farmers

Is this the end of expiry dates? Sniff tests could tackle food waste!

Morrisons has decided to scrap ‘use by’ dates on milk products to save thousands of tonnes of household milk thrown away every year

Yorkshire Water ties with farmers for ‘pop up rain forests’

The programme will see farmers grow cover crops to improve soil and water quality and cut emissions

UK farmers beef up energy savings

A beef farmer in Yorkshire has save more than £40,000 on energy bills after installing a solar power system and batteries. David Brown installed an Outback Power 6kW inverter and charging system, solar panels and batteries with the help of off-grid energy solutions firm Xerogrid. That has led to an 80% reduction in energy bills […]