ELF 2018: ‘Renewable energy firms need to up the ante in face of fracking’

Futurist Dean Van Leeuwen told ELN green utilities could find themselves undercut by cheaper shale prices

North-west England’s network operator outlines future plans

Electricity North West says electrical infrastructure needs to adapt to an increasingly low carbon energy system

Cities ‘to go smart within a decade’

Are you looking forward to living in a smart city, with solar roads, autonomous cars, negligible pollution and green buildings? This kind of urban lifestyle is only a decade away, according to supplier First Utility and futurist Glen Hiemstra. They say by 2028, cities will become much more energy efficient, rely on electrified transportation, adopt […]

Futuristic offshore wind tech to hit the UK’s shores

The offshore wind industry could feature futuristic technologies like drone motherships, robots and 40-rotor turbines by 2050. That’s according to the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, which predicts offshore wind could become the backbone of the UK’s energy mix within 12 years, potentially meeting around a third of the UK’s electricity demand . It suggests […]

Smart cities ‘held back by low budgets’

Global smart city programmes are being held back by limited budgets, a lack of infrastructure and short-term mindsets among stakeholders and policymakers. That’s according to a new report from Philips Lighting and SmartCitiesWorld, which suggests around a tenth of city authorities lack the capacity to implement smart, integrated technologies in their municipality. It suggests the […]

Oxford venture fund invests in nuclear fusion

An investment company set up to support scientists from Oxford University has bought a stake in an innovative nuclear power firm. Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI) has invested in First Light Fusion, which is researching energy generation via inertial confinement fusion. Developers say the technology could produce vast amounts of electricity in a safe and clean […]

UK’s Clean Growth Strategy: Industry responds

The UK Government has set out its Clean Growth Strategy to boost national income and output whilst simultaneously cutting greenhouse gas emissions. The plan aims to ensure an affordable energy supply for businesses and consumers, increase productivity, create jobs and help protect the climate and environment. It highlights the importance of collaborating with industry to […]

India’s renewable future – no coal, gas or nuclear on horizon

India has a 10-year window in which no new investments in coal, gas or nuclear power are likely. That’s according to a new report from The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), which says India’s existing capacity and capacity under construction will be able to meet demand until about 2026. If the price of solar power and batteries reaches as […]

European oil and gas firms ‘greener than US competitors’

Oil and gas companies in the US are falling behind their European counterparts in preparing for a low carbon future. According to CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), whilst US firms still largely rate their success on finding and proving new oil reserves, European businesses are more focused on investing in low carbon technology and […]

UK energy system ‘needs upgrades for low carbon transition’

Moving to a low carbon system will require existing energy networks to be “radically transformed”. A new report from the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) says current regulatory frameworks are not designed to enable and incentivise the investment needed to move to a low carbon solution. It suggests the UK Government must decide what new networks are […]