Gazprom threatens further gas supply cut

The energy giant has claimed that Ukraine was diverting gas supplies transiting to Moldova

Big Zero Report 2022

Gazprom has warned it might cut gas supply to Europe through the Sudzha gas metering station as Ukraine allegedly obstructed more than 52 million cubic metres from being delivered to Moldova.

Russian energy giant alleges that this gas intended for delivery to Moldovan consumers was lost in Ukraine.

The company said: “On 21st November, Moldovagaz made payment to Gazprom for a part of November supplies in accordance with the contract.

“The volume of Russian gas actually supplied which has not been duly paid for in November is 24,945 million cubic metres. The total accumulated volume of gas lost in the Ukrainian territory is 52.52 million cubic metres.

“If the imbalance observed during the transit of gas to the Moldovan consumers across Ukraine continues, then, on 28th November at 10am, Gazprom will start reducing its gas supplies to the Sudzha entry point for transit through Ukraine; the supplies will be reduced by the volume of the daily shortage of gas.”

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