UK takes first step towards planning a hydrogen town trial

GDNs have been invited to submit proposals for areas potentially suitable for early deployment of hydrogen heating

‘Sharing heat pump installation data could accelerate the transition to clean heating’

The government has been urged to introduce new measures to build consumer confidence in switching to low carbon heating

UK pushes ahead public sector decarbonisation with £635m

NHS Trusts, schools and local authorities will be able to apply for grants in September

Fire officers issue stark warning as energy bills skyrocket

People turn to open fires instead of switching on central gas heating

Mitsubishi and OVO’s platform to boost EV smart charging in Japan

The companies aim to launch products and services that enable energy utilities and car makers to reward customers for switching to EVs

Nearly 40% of consumers ‘are unaware of the ban on new gas boilers’

Nearly 79% of consumers would support a lower or zero tax on energy efficient appliances, according to new research