Rapid refuelling at Liverpool Port to boost HGV efficiency

The Port of Liverpool has opened a 24-hour rapid refuelling station. Certas Energy partnered with the Peel Ports Group to open the site, which has been under construction for 12 weeks. The station will provide diesel, gas oil and AdBlue for truck drivers. High-speed pumps will pump 120 litres of fuel a minute and allow […]

UK opens first Bio-LNG filling station

Britain’s first open access Bio-LNG filling station (pictured) has officially been opened today. The pump in Daventry will allow gas-powered or dual fuel trucks to use Bio-LNG, a blend of 25% Liquefied Biomethane and 75% Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Developer Gasrec claims it is the only fuel that will help cut carbon emissions in heavy […]

A lorra lorry winners in HGV contest

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership Challenge has announced the winners of its HGV Technology Challenge – a competition to identify and promote innovative low carbon solutions for trucks. The challenge set was to reduce CO2 and improve fuel economy, with most solutions able to attach to existing vehicles. The winning companies were rewarded for creating […]