Octopus unveils partnership to build new green hydrogen projects

Partners aim to deliver green hydrogen production projects co-located with renewables

Octopus Energy Group’s hydrogen division, Octopus Hydrogen has today unveiled a new partnership to build new green hydrogen production facilities across the UK.

The collaboration with the energy company Innova Renewables and the development consultancy firm Novus will see Octopus Hydrogen design, build and operate hydrogen production projects at various Innova’s renewable generation sites.

The development will involve electrolyser, compression and mobile hydrogen storage installations.

Octopus Hydrogen expects that electrolysers will be between two and 20MW of capacity.

Novus is currently working with Innova Renewables to develop 4GW of solar, wind and battery capacity.

Will Rowe, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Octopus Hydrogen, said: “Partnering with Innova and Novus will allow us to develop and establish our decentralised model for green hydrogen production in the UK.

“Through this partnership, we will increase the amount of green hydrogen available in the UK by approximately 25 tonnes per day, enough to decarbonise over 500 long haul HGVs.”

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