Wealthy households ‘three times more CO2 intensive’

The wealthiest households in the US could be as many as three times more carbon intensive than the poorest. That’s the suggestion made in new research from the Grantham Institute’s Lutz Sager, who studied the yearly expenditure of households between 1996 to 2009. He then worked out how much carbon dioxide was emitted per dollar […]

New mobile game ‘helping manage UK power demand’

A new mobile app helps manage domestic demand for electricity in the UK. Developed by GenGame, Open Energi and Northern Powergrid, the game is said to have already been proven to boost energy consumer engagement and free up capacity on the grid. Smart plugs are installed in players’ homes to sync with the game so […]

European recycling rates rise as landfill use falls

Less of Europe’s household rubbish is being sent to landfill and more is being recycled than 10 years ago. A new report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) compiled municipal waste management statistics from 2004 to 2014 in all 28 EU states plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. The report shows 27 of the 32 countries reduced their use of landfills, with […]

UK’s recycling looks a bit rubbish

The amount of rubbish being rejected for recycling in the UK has risen by 84% in the last four years. This happens when unrecyclable waste is put in recycling bins, “contaminating” the recyclable waste and resulting in an expensive re-sorting process. Councils are reluctant to spend lots of money on this so the whole bin of mainly […]

What if your energy supplier goes out of business?

Ofgem has published proposals to protect consumers’ money in case their supplier goes out of business. The regulator plans to appoint a replacement supplier to ensure customers continue to be supplied with energy as some of their accounts may be in credit. As part of the process for selecting a replacement supplier, Ofgem said it […]

ScottishPower to deliver ‘smart’ batteries to households

ScottishPower will deliver “smart” battery systems to houses in Scotland. It will receive 47 energy storage systems with a capacity of 1MWh from battery maker Moixa. The technology help customers save money through accessing smart tariffs, store excess solar energy for use during peak hours or share batteries with the grid for a range of network saving […]

Installed solar before 2012? You can get ‘cash back’

A solar firm has partnered with an investment company to launch £10 million in green cashback payments for households. ShareSolar and Abundance’s scheme allows householders who installed solar panels before April 2012 to convert their future Feed-in Tariff (FiT) payments into a single upfront payment, averaging around £11,000. They will also continue to enjoy the green […]

8.2% energy price hike for SSE customers

SSE has become the first of the Big Six energy suppliers to announce an increase in energy bills this winter. The company said household gas and electricity tariffs would rise by an average of 8.2%, kicking in from November 15th. The price hikes will add around £2 per week to the average annual standard dual […]