Energy Institute and MoneySavingExpert launch energy saving tool

It shows users how they can save hundreds on household appliances for free

The Energy Institute (EI) has joined forces with MoneySavingExpert to help the public save on their energy.

A free tool has been launched on the MoneySavingExpert website allowing consumers to understand the basic steps that can be taken to reduce energy spending and use in homes.

The tool is a virtual house that the public can click through looking at different appliances in different rooms and finding out tricks to keep costs down when using them.

EI Chief Executive Nick Wayth said: “Our immersive tool is free, quick, easy and can help householders cut their bills immediately and for good.

“If consumers pick up just one way to change their behaviour when it comes to reducing their energy use at home, then we will have made the difference we set out to.”

“Switching energy supplier will not save people money right now, so reducing energy usage is the main way to save on bills. This new tool is an engaging and interactive way to find out how to use less energy in our homes. Some things you may already be doing, and that’s great but hopefully everyone will be able to take away something new from the tool to put into action in their own homes,” added Gary Caffell, Head of Energy at MoneySavingExpert.

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