India to ‘auction 46 oil and gas blocks’

The Indian Government is reportedly planning to auction 46 oil and gas blocks by next month in a bid to boost local output and cut its dependence on imports. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is calling on local and foreign firms to drill in India as the demand for energy is increasing. Although auctions of oil […]

New UK explorer signs oil and gas deal with Somalia

A newly-formed British company has signed an oil and gas exploration deal with the Government of Somalia. Under the agreement – which is the first in Somalia’s oil and gas industry following decades of civil war – Soma Oil & Gas will conduct seismic surveying in the nation’s waters agreed with the Government and in […]

‘UK’s largest’ natural gas bus fleet in Reading

The “UK’s largest” natural gas-powered bus fleet is set to hit the roads of Reading this month. Operated by Reading Buses, the ‘Greenwave’ service vehicles (pictured) will run solely on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), which produces no hydrocarbons and has “virtually no carbon emissions”. The buses are expected to improve the air quality and help […]

Ukraine could be Eastern Europe’s ‘energy hub’

Ukraine has the potential to be the “energy hub” of Eastern Europe in the near future. During a meeting with Ukraine’s Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, the US State Department’s Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs Carlos Pascual said current reforms taking place in Ukraine could help transform the nation. Ukrainian reports claim he […]

Shell’s major shale gas deal with Ukraine

Ukraine is to sign a landmark shale gas deal worth more than $10 billion (£6.3bn) with oil and gas firm Shell. The Dutch company is expected to give 31-60% of the extracted gas following an agreement approved by the Donetsk and Kharkiv regional administrators. Oleh Proskuryakov, Environmental and Natural Resources Minister said the project has […]

Russia plans huge increase in gas and oil

Russia plans to massively increase its oil and gas production by 2030. Its President Dmitry Medvedev said gas production is expected to increase to 230billion cubic metres and oil production to 66.2million metric tons. The country’s current gas and oil productions are 57billion cubic metres and 13million tons respectively. Mr Medvedev said the increase could […]

Gas produced from “low-quality” forest waste

Waste materials from forests have been used to produce synthesis gas for fuels, new Scandinavian research shows. Synthesis gas or Syngas is a low form of natural gas which contains 50% of its energy and can be used to make other chemicals and fuels such as methanol. Researchers at the Energy Technology Centre (ETC) and […]