EU approves inclusion of 600MW CHP plant in Polish scheme

It found the Plock facility will contribute to the EU’s energy and environmental objectives without distorting competition

Do incentives boost thirst for recycling?

Would you recycle more rubbish at home if there was a juicy incentive to do so? New research based on existing local authority schemes in the UK suggests a carrot isn’t necessarily the most effective way to boost recycling. In the study, 25% of residents said recycling incentives would encourage them to recycle more – […]

Oil and gas drilling in UK North Sea plummets

The UK is being urged to encourage oil and gas drilling in the North Sea as exploration dropped by 28% last year. The call from Deloitte’s Petroleum Services Group (PSG) comes as its report found only 47 exploration and appraisal wells were drilled on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) in 2013 compared to 65 the […]

‘Nearly half of Brits don’t want fracking near their homes’

Nearly half (47%) of Brits wouldn’t be happy for shale gas drilling to take place within 10 miles of their homes, a new survey reveals. They are fearful of the damage fracking could cause to the local environment, the chemicals used, health risks and contamination of drinking water as well as the associated noise and […]

Businesses could be paid to use wind power at night

Major energy users in the UK could be paid to use excess wind power during off-peak hours under plans being explored by National Grid. Reports claim it could save the company millions of pounds in the so-called “constraint payments” as businesses are currently paid to shut down wind farms at times of low demand, particularly […]

Encouraging staff to cut energy use 'can save firms £300m'

UK bosses are “missing out on £300 million worth of savings a year” by failing to engage employees in reducing energy and waste in the workplace. New research released by the Carbon Trust highlights that while 92% of workers are concerned about the cost of energy at home, only 47% have the same concern for […]

Giving consumers the right 'carrots' could help save £6bn

‘Carrots’ such as prizes to motivate energy saving as well as getting people to understand their energy use could help cut their energy bills by £6 billion a year. That’s according a new report released by an energy technology company involved in trials in Sweden with the Big Six supplier E.ON. Consumers were given one of […]

Norway amps up electric car incentives

Norway is to amp up its incentives to drive electric vehicles (EVs) starting in 2014. Norwegians currently pay no VAT when buying EVs and drivers that go all-electric can park for free, go through tolls without paying and make use of the country’s bus lanes. Ola Elvesten, Chair of the Committee on Energy and the […]

Green Deal doomed to fail without “swift and decisive” action

The Green Deal is doomed to fail unless the Government takes “swift and decisive” action to boost customer demand for green home improvements. That’s the warning from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), which is calling on the government to provide more financial incentives. A recent survey of survey of their members found 70% thought […]

Guest Blog: Jo Butlin – Time to change the story on energy prices

Was it just me who got angry when they read the ‘shock’ news last week that British Gas was putting up prices again? And it wasn’t anger about the news per se but more that the focus of the story again pointed to profiteering from energy suppliers. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely believe that […]