UK capacity market open for interconnectors

Developers of electricity transmission lines that link the UK to its neighbouring countries will now be able to bid for contracts to offer back up power at times of peak demand. DECC has confirmed it will allow interconnectors to participate in the Capacity Market from 2015, which it hopes will boost competition and drive down […]

Ofgem mulls interconnecting 5.5GW of power

Five new electricity interconnector projects that could be built in the next five years have been announced by Ofgem. They have a total capacity of up to 5.5GW and if approved, would connect the UK’s electricity network to France, Ireland, Norway and Denmark, helping improve security of energy supply. The projects will now move to […]

Ofgem proposes new rules to boost electricity links

Ofgem has issued proposals for a new approach to help more electricity interconnectors to be built between the UK and other nations. Under the proposed “cap and floor” framework, developers would put forward proposals for interconnectors and build them while Ofgem would “assess, approve or reject individual plans” as well as regulate how much money […]

Carbon prices 'to stay volatile' this week

Carbon prices are expected to remain volatile this week until further clarity is given from government coalition talks in Germany. That’s according to the weekly market report from npower, which also suggested the carbon market is eyeing the impact those discussions could have on the EU’s ‘backloading’ move. Backloading would involve temporarily delaying the sale […]

Iceland’s volcanoes to power UK?

Iceland’s volcanoes could power the UK in the next decade. According to reports, the UK is mulling over building an undersea cable – or interconnector – with Iceland to take advantage of its geothermal power resources. Energy Minister Charles Hendry is to visit Iceland to discuss the possibility, he said in a newspaper interview. The link between […]