Leaked documents show nations do not want to cut fossil fuels ahead of COP26

Saudi Arabia, Japan and Australia are reportedly some of the countries that have written a report to the UN asking for less emphasis to be put on the end of fossil fuels

Global bake-off: July becomes ‘Earth’s hottest month on record’!

The combined land and ocean-surface temperature was 0.93°C above the 20th-century average, the hottest since records began 142 years ago, according to a report

Northern Ireland lights up with £8m LED streetlamp scheme

An estimated 30,000 LED units are predicted to reduce the region’s energy consumption by 8%

‘Fires, floods and the IPCC report ring the death of fossil fuels’

That’s according to Chris Rapley, Professor of Climate Science at the University College London who spoke to ELN about the implications of the IPCC report for governments around the world

‘Mankind could face catastrophic temperature rises of as much as 4°C’ says IPCC author

One of the authors of IPCC Climate Report, Jessica Tierney, talks to ELN about the dangerous human influence on extreme weather events

The IPCC Report in 60 seconds…

What were the key findings and points to take from the IPCC’s report on climate change yesterday?

Industry reacts to landmark IPCC report findings

Following the publication of the sixth Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Assessment Report, the industry, academia and campaigners respond to its key findings

IPCC: ‘Some impacts of climate change are now irreversible’

The new IPCC report has revealed that many impacts of climate change are now impossible to stop – but not all hope is lost

Facebook launches online climate science hub to fight misinformation

The tool will be rolled out in the US, France, Germany, the UK and will eventually expand to other countries

Sea-level rise ‘to affect billion people by 2050’

A new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change suggests climate change could mean sea levels rise by more than a metre by the end of the century