Climate activists disrupt Kwasi Kwarteng’s business lunch

The Business Secretary has been urged to support a windfall tax on oil companies

Russia ‘has nearly doubled fossil fuel revenues since the start of the war’

Germany, Italy, China, the Netherlands and Turkey are the biggest importers of Russian energy, according to a new report

IPCC report a ‘file of shame’ says UN Secretary General

He says governments are to blame for their broken climate promises

IPCC says we can halve emissions by 2030 – but how?

The UN body has revealed that if this is not achieved, 1.5°C can no longer be a possibility

IPCC report set to focus on fossil fuel reduction

The third report in the last eight months will be published later today

Extinction Rebellion activists block major oil terminals

Ten critical oil facilities have been blocked

Natural disasters ‘have claimed more than 3,700 lives in the UK since 2000’

Extreme temperatures are to blame for 3,626 deaths registered in the UK, according to new research

Wales announces ‘largest ever’ investment in flood protection

The Welsh Government is providing £214m over three years for flood and coastal erosion risk management

New IPCC report to ring alarm on climate change

The new report will explore adaptation opportunities for regions impacted by climate change

‘Global emissions must drop by 20% in five years’ warns Met Office

Its new report states that the 1.5°C aim for global warming is under heavy threat