World on track to reach 2°C warming by 2050, scientists warn

The Earth is on track to warm up by 2°C unless governments double their efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions. That’s according to a report by climate experts led by Sir Robert Watson, former Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. They believe the target set in the Paris Agreement of 1.5°C of warming […]

Government invites experts for IPCC climate report

The government is calling on experts in the UK to help scope a special report on climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is producing the report which will set out the feasibility of limiting rise in temperatures to 1.5C and the changes needed to achieve the target. It will also cover land […]

Have China’s CO2 emissions been overestimated?

China’s carbon emissions from fossil fuels and cement production may have been overestimated by 14%. That’s according to a new report by scientific researchers. Published in the journal Nature it estimates China’s CO2 emissions totalled 2.49 gigatonnes (Gt) in 2013 – 14% less than previously thought. The authors said the main cause is due to the estimation of emissions in […]

Path of no return post-2100 for climate change – IPCC

Damage to all continents as a result of climate change will be “irreversible” after 2100 unless world nations can reverse the amount of emissions pumped into the atmosphere. That’s the stark warning from the UN’s climate research body, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Its Synthesis Report released yesterday sums up the findings of its […]

UK must “heed” climate scientists warning say MPs

It is clear the UK must “heed” the warning of climate scientists and avoid “downgrading” its plans to slash greenhouse gas emissions, MPs said in a report today. The group of MPs who sit on the Energy and Climate Change Committee reviewed the methods of research from the IPCC, the international climate change body, for […]

Climate risk “too great to stop here” says Davey

The world must push on with sweeping changes to its traditional energy use, Energy Secretary Ed Davey said yesterday echoing calls from the UN’s body for climate change research. Speaking after the third report in a series was published by the IPCC over the weekend, he warned: “The risk is too great to stop here. […]

World must triple low carbon energy to avoid climate change – UN

The world must triple or nearly quadruple the amount of zero and low carbon energy it uses to avoid devastating climate change. That’s the conclusion of a UN report released over the weekend which said nations must act together to stop global temperatures rising more than 2°C above what they were before industrialisation. It found […]

Climate change report must act as ‘wake-up call’

The latest UN report warning about the catastrophic consequences of climate change must act as a “wake-up call” to take action. That’s the view of the head of The Climate Group, who believes the world needs a “clean industrial revolution”. Chief Executive Mark Kenber said : “The ‘head in the sand’ approach is a ticket […]

UN warns world is unprepared for climate change risks

The world is already seeing the devastating effects of climate change but is “ill-prepared” for the potential risks, a major UN report has said. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns no one will be untouched by climate change, with droughts, floods and heat waves among the key risks of global warming. The effects […]

Leaked UN report fears food crisis from climate change

Climate change could spark more violence, mass migration across Asia and lead to a crisis in food supply according to a draft UN report seen by the Independent. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is due to publish the second of three reports studying man’s impact on the global climate. The first part of the […]