New IPCC boss: “Energy consumption is the UK’s biggest challenge of net zero”

In a recent interview, Jim Skea reflected on the swift rise of the net zero concept, which gained popularity after the IPCC’s 1.5°C report

British professor Jim Skea has been elected as the head of the United Nations climate expert panel, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

A few months ago, the newly appointed head of the IPCC, Jim Skea, spoke with Sumit Bose, Founder of future Net Zero, reflecting on the rapid rise of the net zero concept.

Mr Skea noted that after producing the 1.5°C report in 2018, which introduced the idea of net zero to the world, it quickly gained traction.

Jim Skea, who is a professor of sustainable energy at Imperial College London, also highlighted that energy consumption stands as the UK’s most significant challenge in achieving net zero emissions.

Mr Skea said: “The big issue is home energy consumption. That’s, in a place like the UK, that’s the biggest challenge. Making sure that homes are energy efficient and making sure that we’ve got low carbon supply and this big challenge of heat pumps, which are quite controversial.

“But unless we move in that direction, the building sector is not going to play its part in net zero, so it’s really important.”

Following the announcement about his new role, in a statement, Jim Skea, Chair of the IPCC said: “I am humbled and deeply honoured to have been elected Chair of the IPCC.

“As Chair I will address three key priorities: ensuring inclusive participation and collaboration across all regions; promoting the use of the best and most relevant science; and maximising the reach and impact of the IPCC’s work through engagement with policymakers and other stakeholders.”

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