Europe’s battery boom: Britain, Ireland and Italy lead the charge

Europe is poised for a substantial surge in grid-scale battery energy storage, with projections suggesting a sevenfold increase in capacity by 2030, according to a report

Space tomatoes unveiled

Scientists have developed dwarf tomato plants enhanced with antioxidants to support astronauts’ diets during extended missions and to mitigate the impact of cosmic radiation on the plants

Octopus powers Italy with 1.5GW battery boost

Octopus Energy’s generation arm has partnered with Nexta Capital Partners to launch a joint venture aiming to develop up to 1.5GW of commercial-scale battery storage systems in Italy

Sweden retains top spot on net power exports

Italy remained the biggest net importer in first half of 2022, according to a new report

‘Europe cutting gas faster than UK’

New research suggests the UK is lagging behind the continent in ditching natural gas

‘EU customers are cutting gas usage faster than Britons’

European countries such as Germany are leading the way in slashing their demand for gas, according to a new report

Macquarie’s GIG buys BayWa’s bioenergy business

The specialist platform develops and operates biogas projects that provide biomethane and power to local energy companies, industrial firms and energy traders

Octopus says “buongiorno” to Italian generation market

The company has set a target to create 1.1GW of renewable energy capacity in Italy by 2025

Iberdrola responds to rumours of terminating French power contracts

Energy price hikes have reportedly forced the energy giant to terminate contracts with thousands of its French customers

Italian scheme to support biomethane production granted EU approval

The biomethane produced will be injected into the national gas grid for use in the transport and heating sectors