Eni has not opened rouble account to pay for Russian gas

The energy giant has confirmed it will honour contract terms and the guidelines given by European authorities

Russia ‘has nearly doubled fossil fuel revenues since the start of the war’

Germany, Italy, China, the Netherlands and Turkey are the biggest importers of Russian energy, according to a new report

Europe had its warmest summer on record in 2021 due to climate change

Sea surface temperatures in areas of the Baltic and eastern Mediterranean regions were the highest since at least 1993, according to a new report

Italy’s CAP Group secures €100m EU green loan to upgrade water infrastructure

It will also use the financing to improve its water and sewerage network, implement circular economy projects and reduce emissions

European electricity consumption back to pre-pandemic levels

Consumption across Europe soared by 5%, according to a new report

EU Commission opens two new labs for vehicle emissions testing

The Vehicle Emissions Laboratory will enable emissions testing in regulated and simulated real driving conditions and allow the Commission to determine whether vehicles comply with relevant emissions regulations

Italy considers floating LNG plants to cut Russian reliance

These will be built in the Adriatic Sea

Yara slows production due to high gas prices

The hike in European natural gas prices has led to the company more than halving the production levels of its ammonia and urea factories

Italy considering Algerian gas over Russian energy

The Foreign Minister has travelled to Algeria to reduce reliance on Russian imports

France remains Europe’s biggest power exporter in 2021

Most of France’s total net exports in the second half of 2021 flowed to Italy and Britain