World’s international bodies ‘not fit for purpose to tackle climate change’

That’s the verdict from Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP, who believes the World Bank, IMF and WTO aren’t tackling the issue

John McDonnell
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell meets Extinction Rebellion

The activist group claims he acknowledged the failure of previous Labour Party policies in tackling climate change

Editorial: Labour’s got itself unplugged again

So here we go again. Labour have said they will cap energy company price rises. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s barmy idea when it comes to price rises is to “legislate to control them now” oh yes! Heard that one before? Ed (where he Miliband?) had the same idea before the 2015 elections. It garnered a […]

Environmental hurdles for third runway are “disappearing”

Environmental objections to a third runway at Heathrow airport are “disappearing”, the chair of the energy and climate change committee said today. Senior Tory MP Tim Yeo claimed the inclusion of airlines under the EU emissions trading scheme means Heathrow could be expanded without damaging the environment. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, the MP said: […]

Carbon-saving lighting system is recognised

A UK lighting manufacturer has been named as one of the most innovative businesses in the country. Harvard Engineering has been shortlisted for the Orange Innovation Award, in the 10th annual National Business Awards. Harvard Engineering’s product is the emission-saving LeafNut wireless street lighting monitoring and control solution. John McDonnell, Managing Director Harvard Engineering said: […]